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For nearly a decade, Gillespie Dentistry has been providing complimentary dental services for those in need through our non-profit, Smiles On Us. Prior to our non-profit's creation, Gillespie Dentistry had regularly participated in free dental days, inviting dental professionals from other area offices to perform dental work, free of charge. As time went on, though, we realized that some patients were coming from states away to get the dental care they needed, and we wanted to expand our mission so that more and more patients could receive quality care - no matter their financial situation.

Today, the Gillespie Dentistry team treats patients of all ages who are in need of dental work. We volunteer time and materials and rely on the generous donations from our community members to make it all possible. If you would like to contribute to Smiles On Us, or if you would like to be considered for a complimentary service, please give us a call.

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