The Gillespie Family Story

If you're a Vancouver, WA native, you know that the name "Gillespie" has always been synonymous with dentistry. That's because Gillespie Dentistry has been in existence since 1982 when our fathers and uncle established adjoining dental practices in the very same Cascade Park office space we're in today.

Brad, Dennis, and Greg Gillespie

Gillespie Dentistry was founded by brothers Dr. Stephen Gillespie (father of Dr. Brad and Dr. Greg) and Dr. Rich Gillespie (father of Dr. Dennis). Dr. Brad officially joined the practice in 2000, followed by Dr. Greg in 2006, and finally, Dr. Dennis in 2012. Our fathers had always run separate practices, but once the three of us took over, we decided to integrate into one full-service practice designed for convenience.

Even though Gillespie Dentistry is in its second generation of dentists, our fathers' values are still at the heart of our practice. From watching our fathers, we learned to:

  1. Be honest. Honest dentistry is ethical and healthy dentistry. Gillespie Dentistry patients can rest assured knowing that we will only recommend what's best for them.
  2. Do whatever it takes. Our team agrees that everyone deserves quality dentistry. No short-cuts allowed!
  3. Only offer our patients the best. This means the most durable materials, the latest technologies, and the most trusted techniques.
  4. Uplift others. Whether it be a patient, team member, or member of the community, we aim to uplift others around us, doing everything in our power to give them healthier smiles.

Gillespie Dentistry is a legacy we’re proud to carry on and we look forward to having you be part of our legacy, too!


Dr. Brad, Dr. Greg & Dr. Dennis

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