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teeth whiteningIf you have ever worried about having dull, gray or yellowed teeth, you’re not alone. Many everyday things like coffee, tea and wine can significantly stain teeth. The dulling effects of both aging and smoking are easy to see.

Whitening is done in a variety of ways but always involves chemically lightening teeth by means of a concentrated bleaching solution. While bleaching can be done on natural teeth, there is no effect on fillings or crowns. We offer two different forms of whitening options:

1. Zoom! Whitening—One visit in-office procedure.

The teeth are first isolated and gum tissue protected, followed by four 15-minute applications of the highest intensity bleaching material available. The majority of staining can be removed in one hour. Take home trays are also delivered to you at this time to maintain the bleaching effect for years to come.

2. Take Home Trays

Custom fit trays are fabricated from models taken of your teeth. We will then give you bleaching gel of different intensities that is inserted into trays and worn twice a day for 30 minutes. Average bleaching time is about 2-3 weeks.


Comparison of whitening options

Treatment Length Avg. Result
Zoom! 60 minutes/ one visit 7 shades brighter
Professional Home Trays 7 – 14 days 6 shades
Whitening Strips / Paint On Gel 7 – 30 days 3 – 4 shades
Whitening Toothpaste 30+ days 1 – 2 shades