White Spot Removal (Decalcification)

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Teeth are exposed to acidic attacks multiple times every day. Acid demineralizes the outer surfaces of teeth removing calcium and phosphate ions. Teeth depend on saliva to counteract the effects of these acidic attacks through remineralization. Sometimes the acidic attacks are too much for the saliva to compensate, leaving chalky white spots on the teeth. These are also often found after orthodontic treatment. Previously, the only treatment available to cover these spots were through complete removal of the spot by fillings or veneers.

Drs. Gillespie were instrumental in developing a new minimally invasive technique to remove the white spots through remineralization. The teeth are chemically abraded and then a special remineralization paste is applied. This paste is applied each night before bed. Within a few short weeks, the white spots are greatly diminished and the natural luster of the teeth return.