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A dental implant is a titanium post used to replace the roots of teeth. The implant is surgically placed in bone and an artificial tooth is attached to the top of the implant, creating a natural-looking, functional replacement for the missing tooth.

For multiple missing teeth, several implants may provide a base for a series of artificial teeth known as a fixed bridge.

Implants can even be used to secure a full set of removable dentures for people who have no remaining natural teeth. This can greatly improve chewing ability and limit bone resorption.

The implant procedure starts with space prepared in bone through a sequence of micro-drills. Then, a titatium post is secured into bone. After some healing time passes allowing the implant to integrate into bone, a permanent crown is placed over abutment post.

Implants are typically used to replace missing teeth, replace a failing tooth that has had root canal treatment, to prevent drifting of adjacent teeth, improve chewing ability, or to create a more permanent solution than dentures.

Dental implants have many advantages. They are the closest fix to return to a natural tooth. They maintain bone support for adjacent teeth. Implants improve long term prognosis of adjacent teeth. They are long lasting, durable, and remove possibility of future decay for that tooth.

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